Wireless Technology for Audience Response, Interactive Voting, and Audience Polling Keypad Systems  Handset

The most effective meeting and learning activities share a common element: a heightened level of audience participation. In short, interaction.

With Reply® wireless audience response technology, you can attain new heights of interaction in a way that’s proven to encourage participation, improve comprehension, and increase retention.

What are they? 

Audience response products are known by many names such as interactive voting pads, audience voting keypads, and clickers. These electronic devices quickly record audience member answers to questions during meeting, training, and survey activities.

The Benefits 

Collect valuable data fast. Improve retention. Improve comprehension. Identify priorities. Accelerate decision making. Build consensus. Increase participant interest.

Voting Slide

Where they are generally used 

You’ll find audience response systems in seminars for opinion survey, and speaker feedback. In companies for strategic planning and decision making. In AGM meetings for share voting. In pretty much any place people gather to interact.

They can also be used for

  • Group Decision Support system
  • Risk / Control Self Assessment method
  • Market Research tool
  • Employee Survey or Feedback method
  • Learning system
  • Real-time Testing or Assessment tool
  • Boardroom or Delegate Voting terminal
  • Game Show or Team Competition system