These days, web conferencing and online meetings, parties in a business interaction – or inter-departmental session– have grown accustomed to making presentations or passively following a meeting remotely, from the comfort of their offices or home offices. With a few adjustments in their environment, and minor tweaks to their normal office equipment, they can make their meetings productive. As long as everyone speaks the same language!

Where more than one language is spoken but where not all participants can understand all languages., a new set of key players – interpreters – need to be brought onboard.

Your interpreters are the most important element of any simultaneous interpretation service. There is no substitute for a professionally trained, time-served conference interpreter.  Simultaneous interpreting is another skill-level up from consecutive interpreting, so only qualified interpreters should be used.

Interpreting is a very skilled and intensive job and so the adaption for interpreters working from a “home studio”, is not so simple! For some of the reasons below:

  • Conference interpreting is a team effort, and interpreters usually work in pairs, taking turns every 30 minutes or so.
  • They are used to working side by side and assisting each other in well-equipped sound-isolation booths.
  • Interpreting is a demanding mental task requiring total focus, and interpreters have very little residual processing capacity for anything else.
  • Given the mental concentration involved, interpreters need a quiet environment offering no distractions (loud or sudden ambient noise, interruptions, etc.)

virtual-booth So, while still technically possible, asking interpreters to work from a home office – or an impromptu booth – is not something we recommend, given the risk of meeting discontinuity due to technical issues beyond their control.

SICL studios provide interpreters with a familiar and controlled environment from which to service meetings anywhere in the World, while upholding the standards, superior audio and video quality and the desirable teamwork and booth etiquette. At a SICL studio, interpreters can continue to work in teams, and every variable that can be controlled is being controlled and monitored by a technician on stand-by.




With the current COVID-19 distancing protocol:

– we will provide one booth per interpreter

(instead of the standard 1 booth for 2 interpreters)